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From Jönköping University

Diversity and equal opportunity in metal component manufacturing sector

Metals industry (and academic sector) has historically been one of the male-dominated industries, making it not easy for female pioneers to overcome prejudice and cultural barriers to advance their careers. Various reports indicate total female participation in this sector being around or below 30%. In board of directors or supervisory boards it is even worse with less than 20% in average. These figures are worrying since they are not conveying the benefits of diversity and equal opportunity, thus affecting the efficiency potential both in academia and industry.

In this webinar we will go through different aspects of diversity and eual oportunities, including gender study theories, and some related personal experiences in academic and industrial perspectives. The webinar follows with a case study on how to practice diversity and equal opportunity in the industry.

A few statistics and a male perspective on gender balance. Ehsan Ghassemali, Associate professor in Materials and manufacturing with a specialization in casting
My journey from a” failed” academic to unemployed housewife to Ph.D. and Expert engineer & Associate Professor. Interpreted from a structural perspective via
a few gender study theories.
Jessica Elfsberg:  Expert Engineer at Scania, Associate professor in Materials and manufacturing with a specialization in casting
Working in a male dominated work environment 1990-2020. A personal experience from academy, the steel industry, and a research institute. Åsa Lauenstein: Senior researcher at RISE, PhD inorganic chemistry
How role models and supporting actions to increase gender balance affected my professional development. Caterina Zanella: Professor in Materials and manufacturing specializing in Surface technology
Working with diversity and inclusion in practice at the Volvo foundry in Skövde. Why is it so important, how is it done, what are the results and lessons learned? Volvo Truck Operations
Ann Johansson: DM Aftertreatment
Lars-Erik Tengman: DM  Melting Shop
Sandra Sjöquist: DM Moulding line

After these presentations, we will have a panel discusson to brainstorm about ways to promote more diversity in both academia and industry. We much welcome contributions in the discussion from you, the audiance.

Attending this webinar, you will know more about: 

  • Lack of diversity and equal opportunity in metal industry and academia: the elephant in the room!
  • Case studies on how to promote diversity in work environments
  • How to ensure a balanced and diversified work environment

Targeted audience: This webinar is specifically useful for all engineers and scientists in the field of metal industry; representatives from municipalities and associations, managers and HRs are also welcomed.

10 November 10:00-11:30 (CET)

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